Blurt & Early are pulling the tools out the toolshed on their spring 2018 release, “Weedwacker”.  You can tell they’ve been doing some landscaping in the studio with the refined and kinda stripped down environments these three songs bring.

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“Slant 7” really represents that stripped down feel perfectly.  Cascading backdrops and sprinkled-in room noises have no trouble peaking out from underneath a crisp and clean facade of drums and bass line.  Even the droning pads and sub are offset by a very sharp edge to their frequency ranges and place in the mix.

Sometimes you just gotta “Take It To The Top”.  Blurt & Early treated us to some sort of future disco with this quasi electro offering.  There’s a sort of underwater clean to this song.  Notes flow together with a fluid feel, but there’s a crystal clarity separating the parts in the song.  The sub has a talk back feel against the lead synth that really ripples and rolls.  This is the coy pond in “Weedwacker’s” garden.

“Weedwacker” is a spring time fever dream.  This title track comes with a syrupy soul vocal that is set against a building pad; evoking images of southern church congregations waving fans to beat the early heat. Guaranteed to make that same sweat on your next dance floor.

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