Umbrella Corporation

Little Furry Teeth bring the techno palate to the F-Class imprint. Back with their second release, “Umbrella Corporation”, they’ve cultivated a sub-driven, and minimal aesthetic. The orchestration is compact, tight, and full of space; all foreground, no extraneous background.

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“Blooty” is a play on words and a call back to earlier forms of the genre.  “Put your hands up for…” a shuffling backbeat that still preserves the straight forward purity of a techno tune.  Teetering on boogie house at moments, this track is an homage to a host of dance floor predecessors from the mid 90s.

Punctuated, is probably the best way to describe “Umbrella Corporation”.  Low attack and rolled-off starts accent every instrument. There’s a sort of washed over feel to the interplay between the different tonalities. Nothing is deemphasized by this smoothed feel, though.  There is a blurting staccato about the bass and lead synth that accentuates the silent spaces of this title track.

©2018, F-Class Music