Lumps & Bumps is putting the coffee through the percolator on this latest three track release for F-CLASS. An eclectic range of styles, the “Today” EP works for dance floor stomping and sunrise sets alike.

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“Don’t Give Up” is a deep and contemplative intro track for the “Today” EP. It features a plucked and “front stoop” thumb piano line which gives rise to a cacophonous mainline melody that sits over the rest of the track. A smoothed over sine wave creates a swimming and surf-like sensation that gives “Don’t Give Up” a rested and calming effect.

“Hold On” comes almost exactly the opposite direction. This track is just funk. An old, distorted Clavinet smashes over a pulse of pads and dubbed percussion. You can hear the old wooden floorboards start to crack under the weight of overdriven keys on overdriven keys with a ladder filter keeping a tight lid on thing in background.

The title track on the “Today” EP rides the line between shimmering dawn and dirty dance floor. A syncopated and percolating synth line drip into the listener from some distant and emergent place, while a humming and percussive sub line picks your ass up and moves it down the road.

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