AnEtTu is back with a two track exhibition of deep classicism.  The sound design of this release is reminiscent of the jazzy and pad-rich sounds found in early deep house. AnEtTu included some updated mix technique and a few twists and turns from 2018 synth technology, but the feel here goes back to 90s dance floors and the post disco warehouse party.

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Get down, get down, get down… “Don’t Got The Get Down” is surprisingly soft spoken for being such a pumpy and dance friendly tune.  The track is framed by filtered organs, subdued cymbals, and a low key vocal sample.  Despite the softer soundscape offered by this song, it has a chugging and uptempo feel that really moves things along.

“Tinted” is a melancholy dip into some surreal yesteryear.  Imbued with a jagged and persistent backbeat, the melody and primary sample carry a distant and nostalgic feel.  Sepia tone, is probably the best visual reference for this song.   

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