The Wiggle

Back to the warehouse, say Blurt & Early.  The Wiggle EP is a trio of classic warehousey cuts that harken back to 90s synths, creepy techno pads, and low fi vocal loops to pace the breaks.   Burt & Early are finding their niche on the F-Class roster with their second release for the imprint.

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“Disco Strut” is a bouncy and driving start to The Wiggle EP, combining classic house arrangement with a creeping and airy pad, offset by an almost breaks element in the top end percussion.  This track chugs along and makes a great choice in early parts of a playlist, when it’s time to set it off.

Not quite electro, “Reformat” has a growling underbelly of a bass line that commands attention. A stride and swing ride cymbal carries the day while thick and gritty pads help to squeeze everything into a nice, compressed package.

For a title track on an EP, “The Wiggle” doesn’t take itself very seriously at all.  The track starts and stops as an invitation to the dance floor.  A present and distinct melody preserves a certain frivolous and lighthearted feel while the vocal line invites what everyone wants… make with the wiggle.

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