Terse Tear

Something for your 6 AM. AnEtTu prefers to keep things contained and contemplative. You’re just as likely to find An Et Tu with a cup of tea and the yoga mat as anywhere else. This calm and rejuvenating set of tracks works well early in the night, or at the after party.

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Gargling Brook is a grainy ride through a variety of analog tonality. Syncopated synth kicks meander across a soda pop environment of interlaced pads. The leads are guttural, but subdued, and the layered vocal sample maintains a general sense of serenity. This song has been known to cause sun salutations.

Terse Tear captures a unique balance between melancholy, darker themes and a driving, almost uplifting feel. A minor and distinctly ominous chordal arrangement gives way to a driven syncopation, and the effect is more determined than forbidding. The sub is chordal, layered, and low, and comes together with the leads to create a separate syncopation against a swung four on the floor.

Available December 15, 2017.
©2017, F-Class Music