Supreme Lift

Our resident category-defying oddballs are back with three of the biggest tunes to hit the F-CLASS roster yet. This three track release runs the gamut from sultry beach vibes to acid techno to breaky electro. They’ve already shown us their eclectic side, this release shows Cuddle Fish Party’s range.

“Not Every Banger” begins with a deceptively cooled and relaxed feel and builds in the most approachable of ways. Peaked hi hats and an organic sub and string line help to guide the listener along a smoothed course as ladder-filtered synths bring a restrained intensity to the tension and release of this moving tune.

“Supreme Lift” has distinct and intriguing mix separation. Every part of this track lives in its respective frequency range and works playfully with the other sonic elements. A swinging ride cymbal and a moving kick drum create a quasi-breaks aesthetic for en electro synth line to swim around, while the deeper elements of the track create a solid house groove.

“UntzenBlitzen” is a tongue-in-cheek jab at cross-genre dance music, but the overall effect is no joke. Heavy motion drums meet an acid techno veneer to create a frenetic and jagged experience. You should probably consult your neurologist if some part of you doesn’t move during this track.

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