Street Cleaner

Frank & Fred bring the jetset on F-CLASS’s latest release, “Street Cleaner”. Global sounds and remote environments greet the listener on both tracks featured on the Street Cleaner single. These two tracks come together in a manner that is as familiar and reflective as it is funky.

“Morning Light” is a track in two parts. With the dawn, there is a twilight inkling of what’s to come, and then there’s the actual show. “Morning Light” works in much the same way; patiently setting the mood and theme, and then fully illuminating the nuance of the terrain.

“Street Cleaner” would make a great car chase theme. Soft arpeggiation and floating pianos play against a timeless horn ensemble, while a gliding synth flute roots the listener in a classic third stream sensibility. Somewhere between Starsky & Hutch and 2049, get away drivers are finding inspiration in this tune.

©2018, F-Class Music