Dog Park Vigilantes came with a refined and measured sort of pressure on the Spirited EP. This three track release is heady and heavy; a great blend of dance floor accessibility and smoked out dreamscapes.

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“We Go Back” deep into the annals of electronic sound design. Fusion piano lines meld with an ancient wind tone, blending traditional and throwback hip hop / trip hop sensibilities with a ripcord sort of 2018 house slap.

You can almost feel a gentle rain against the window on a contemplative “Sunday Morning”. Staccato and plucking guitars yield to a dingy-but-moving dark synth line. The vocal invites the listener to get lost in time, while the drums bring everyone back to the club.

“Spirited” is another sort of genre bender in the mix. Quintessential dub horns anchor the the track while a soulful organ line talks back and forth with a moving synth lead. This latest title track from Dog Park Vigilantes reads like a deep house track, but Spirited embodies its name with an energy beyond other tracks in the category.

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