Smack My Spine

Frank & Fred return with the Smack My Spine EP, a motion-oriented exploration of classic peak hour party sounds.  Frank & Fred exhibit enough restraint to mark their veteran status, but this EP has a real forward motion about it… prepare to move.

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Make You Take you is a peak hour track with a manufacturer’s limiter on the accelerator.  It might be the definition of reserved.  The moving organ line in between a jagged bass line fitting of the EP title really evoke a sense of motion, but a lower BPM and minimal top percussion give the track the space to move around, stretch out, and make you freak.

Disco Nights is a bit of a fever dream; an ecstatic journey through multiple soundscapes and frenetic environments.  A surreal synth lead welcomes the listener to something different and a staccato and percussive bass synth really punctuate this rabbit hole experience.  The combined “thud” may have you seeing colored squared.

Smack My Spine is a grinder of a classic dance floor cut.  Punctuated and pronounced bass synths knock their way through a chugging and persistent drums section.  A distant organ helps to ground things, but if you can get through this cut without your head nodding, you should see a physician.

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