Slow Drip

FR3SH H311 is back with a suboceanic sound on the Slow Drip EP. Both “Rhythm” and “Slow Drip” could easily be the water-level themes from your favorite video game. Grab your scuba gear and meet us at a few hundred meters for F-Class’s second release from this deep set.

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Dynamic and layered synths cascade over a shuffling percussion layer on “Rhythm”. A punchy, but clean bass line accentuates the aquatic feel created by a filtered chorus of synths. A heavily panned and orchestrated percussion backdrop puts this track in a very unique sonic space.

Slow Drip lives up to its name. A legato and sliding synth line gently earworms its way into the listener’s consciousness until all of the sudden the walls are moving in a slightly discombobulating sway. A dubbed organ and vocal melody work as a counter rhythm, turning the whole thing into a sort of chanty from another planet.

©2018, F-Class Music