Rub My Eyes

FR3SH H311 took their dark style in a distinctively brighter direction with “Rub My Eyes”. Both tunes on this release evoke a rejuvenating sensation. Washy and smeared sound sources pop and percolate within accessibility melodic frameworks. This release is about waking up; perfect for sunrise sets and afternoon patios.

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“Being in Minor” swings an arpeggiating and cascading set of layers. This song’s pads and backdrops create a psychedelic and “soundtrack” sensation, eventually yielding to a soupy organ that grabs the listener and keeps them in a cosmic spin-cycle. Meanwhile, a crisp and clean drum lane keeps the feel of “Being in Minor” precise and defined.

Early morning is the vibe with “Rub My Eyes”. An acoustic and rolling drum kit sets the pace as creeping and dawning pads prepare for a syncopated and refreshing keys line that sounds something like a steel drum and an old Wurlitzer playing in unison. There’s a ritualized and just-mechanized-enough feel to “Rub My Eyes” that can really motivate a listener to move the day forward.

©2018, F-Class Music