Mick Guy Vert is sending us to our “Rooms” on this newest release for F-CLASS. This EP is just plain hard. Mick Guy Vert takes his distinctive and classic electro sound and adheres it to three unique 2018 styles and arrangements. From hard techno to hard house, this EP crosses lanes indiscriminately; daring the collision.

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“Bounce If Ya” is a driving force of nature. An industrial tonality along with an omnipresent dark synth feel give this song a hard techno feel with a classic acid sound. A percolating synth lead subtly syncopates and creates a relentless determination that is just as happy to drill through you as run you right over. The only choice is to move with the fundamental force and surf your way through the sound.

“I Am Stuffed”. Sometimes expressions have meaning beyond their specific context. In this case, “I Am Stuffed” is about information overload. (Can anyone relate to that in a digital world?). A cadre of different styles and different sonic environments mesh together to make a truly unique and moderately disorienting soundscape. This song is still funky as hell though. Get your fill and then come walk it off on the dance floor.

This EP is a gallery of “Rooms” and the title track is just the same. A stride and swing carry listeners through a variety of environments and filtered atmospheres. There’s a grinding sort of edge to the synth line for this tune, but it is contained by a deep kick drum and a pocket full of sub bass.

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