Roller Skates

Cuddle Fish Party are here to liven the party. Inviting and warm tonality is accompanies by a frenetic and driving pace. These tunes are designed to smack subs with rumbly and low layers. CFP have at least one other release slated this year, and these tunes tend to be on the contained side for them. Keep your eyes peeled for Cuddle Fish Party in 2018.

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Hunt it Down is a driving lower tempo house track that borders on breaks with the movement between the kick and the sub. Cut and paste drums offset a droning monotone over sub frequencies that will have you moving on the dance floor one way or the other.

Roller Skates is a straight forward party jam of a title track. A hodgepodge of instrumentation sits ahead of a classic blues holler in a swaying stride style. The overall delivery is “yard” and stays good vibes throughout.

Available December 22, 2017
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