Eggs and Bacon brought a little lower volume on their latest single, “Restless”. Most of their material for F-CLASS thus far has been high energy and peak hour. This is a more techy and slappy pair of deep tunes aimed at warming up crowds; more for glistening than pouring sweat.

The lead off track, “Fire on the Floor” is a syncopated and funky promenade. A straight forward four on the floor house beat sits alongside a motion-oriented bass line that is as content to dance with itself as to watch you move.

There’s a certain irony to the fact that “Restless” is probably the most restrained of Eggs and Bacon’s songs to date. That said, the track lives up to its title with flitting top end sound design and, and an in and out feel to the pads and white noise. Everything comes together in a funky packaged framed by a thumpy organ.

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