Rain is Coming

Blurt & Early return with a two track single, “Rain is Coming”, that kinda cements their place as F-CLASS’s heady duo. As the title would suggest, this is a refreshing pair of tunes aimed at hitting the midsummer reset button for your dance floors. Low key, but high intensity, this single is at the top of our internal playlists this summer.

“Same as Me” comes from exotic locations unknown, and nestles the audience into some fantastical jazz club in outer space. Dubby and haunting mallets sit behind the entire track creating a disorienting and ringing sensation, while reggae horns accompany a smokey and fluid vocal melody.

Mid summer thunderstorms are a real relief. Everyone needs a cool down and some restorative energy. “Rain is Coming” is exactly that track. This minimal arrangement with heavy punch in / punch out effect is a guaranteed rinse for your next dance floor; the perfect mid-set reset.

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