Push My Buttons

Little Furry Teeth bring a heady feel to a set of stripped down techno / tech house productions. The construction is almost minimal, but the delivery is anything but. Simple and syncopated blips and bloops give way to moving sound design palates and an ensemble of room noise. This EP makes for good middle set material; moderately disorienting, but thematic enough to keep the mood.

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“Push My Buttons”, the title track of the EP has a jagged and staccato feel with a syncopated swing that accentuates movement. A strong stride bass line walks the listener with a cool ease through a contrasting grind and almost industrial backdrop.

Everybody knows that “This is Heat” – everyone needs a solid vocal hook every now and again. “This is Heat” delivers in that regard. A bit of an off kilter cadence to a simple and rememberable hook sit alongside a subdued, almost acid, synth line.

Tigger & Eeyore were polar opposites in the stories. That’s the idea behind this track from Little Furry Teeth. “Get down. Here we go.” sits panned against “Oh, I don’t know.” in the listener’s ear, and the drums and assorted room noises also work to create a tension between the various elements of the track. Moderately disorienting, this track is cacophonous, but with a relentless kick drum that keeps the listener anchored on the floor.

Available November 30, 2017
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