Primary Motive

Dog Park Vigilantes revel in the line between tension and subdued submersion. Their third release on F-CLASS, “Primary Motive” really exudes this sensibility. A journey into the deeper and darker end of progressive tech house, these two house joints put the drums a little further back and bring a smear of classic 70s and funk environments forward with a fair bit of space left in the mix. There’s something distinct about the way these two tracks find the pocket.

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“Rejuvenated” is the warm up recording on the single. This track starts with a warm hug and a distant cry, then descends into a classic downtempo groove that is still comforting while captivating. It’s a quiet blend of Chicago hip hop sound source and French house philosophy.

Everyone needs a quality spy in their catalog of human resources. “Primary Motive” is the “Bond Theme” of the current F-CLASS collection. DPV brings a front forward guitar and synth blend that sets the tone and timbre for an homage to a jet set pastiche.

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