Open Your Eyes

Ahn Lilt has been carving out a sound in “electro” house that is truly unique. With a background in minimal techno and ambient productions, they have adapted their environmental sound design to a more rugged sound. The beat structure and arrangement remain classically house and techno on these selections, while the synth and bass development are decidedly more evolved (and angry) for 2018.

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“The Erkel” is an auditory description of the frustration its namesake must have felt. We’ve all pined for a love only to have our affections rejected. That gut-twisting, brain-stem-churning, reason-upsetting sort of wound-steel sensation that comes with unreciprocated love? Yeah, this bass line is that; wound tight. The leads are muffled and then allowed to breath with heavy compression in fits and spurts, which echoes the fleeting lucidity that accompanies such emotional breaks. This track is big and pumpy, ripe for dance floors, but rich in contemplative sensibilities.

“Playground Meditation may or may not have started at 4 am with some intensive chemical assistance.” – Ahn Lilt, reporting on his progress for this EP. This song is DIRTY. An intentional cut and paste sound permeates this track, while a redline bass tone buries the floor with its tonnage. This hybrid sound brings elements of breaks and house together in a distinctly and purposefully unrestrained style. If you like subsonic frequencies, you will move to this.

The title track of the EP, “Open Your Eyes” is a tapestry of layered sound design with no attempt to be coy in the delivery. Crisp and clear high end washes and effects passes sit over a dingy bass line with all the attitude. Together this creates an almost surreal separation of sounds – the drums and leads are sitting in the room with the listener, while the bass line and environment sound like they’re coming from down the block . The juxtaposition of these two elements will definitely make dance floors “Open Their Eyes.”

Available January 5, 2018
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