Night Parade

Cuddle Fish Party are the up-rockers of the F-CLASS roster, and their new single “Night Parade” demonstrates as much. There’s nothing particularly “hard” about CFP’s sound, just bustling and uptempo and funky. For this release, they’ve decided to add a little something trippy and 5th dimensional to their palette.

“What Do You Say” is the more straight forward of the two tracks, but it still plays on the senses with an all-frequencies pad that makes the core of the lead with an intense and bending omnipresence. This track is full of energy, yet somehow subdued. It’s definitely the most contained offering to date from CFP.

“Night Parade” is a nod to the Night Parade of 100 Demons (Google it). There’s an ancient feel to the rhythmic call and response, while the instrumentation is unique and synth-driven. You can almost see a gestalt outline of 100 yōkai lumbering their way along on their timeless summer march

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