Lumps & Bumps aren’t screwing around on their latest EP, “Mlem”. Their second outing on the F-Class imprint is a straight forward and bangy set of house tunes tailored to the floor. Hardwoods, trunks, and backyard bbq are in order… this here slaps.

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Unhurried, uncomplicated, pure; possessed of a certain age and wisdom. Turtles are a symbol of persistence and continuation, and that’s what “Turtle Speak” captures. The bass line has a timeless quality that drowns out agitators. The synth line creeps and claws its way along a global landscape of pads and chorus effects. This track has staying power.

“Bassline Ugh” might be among the laziest and most obvious title choices of all time. But Lumps & Bumps weren’t focused on poetic namesakes when they wrote this EP; just dope house tunes. There’s a guttural and lasting feel about this track. The drums have a chaotic, jagged, and almost broken feel, but true to it’s name, the bass line anchors everything in place like a post.

“Mlem” is a dog lick. Not like a little snoot boop on the way by, but like a full on facial scrub. It’s moderately disorienting, wet and sloppy, but with a certain nostalgic and comforting sense of home that draws you in. This groove is good for funky dog walks and funky dog people. Cat folks are welcome, but only if they’re down with the Mlem.

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