Mess Around

Cuddle Fish Party really do like to live up to the last bit of their name.  The Mess Around EP crashes patio parties.  Bringing their distinctly breaks-driven brand of house music back around for Spring 2018, Cuddle Fish Party bring the lawn chair vibe with this one.

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“Chords n Things” is the most somber of the three songs on this release.  It’s pretty straight forward in its titling, layering several chords into a tapestry of interwoven melodies.  There’s a bit of a call and response sensibility to the different instruments, but a more landscape and anchored feel to the sub bass.

Cuddle Fish Party bring a techy shuffle to “Try Me”.  Burping undertones give way to crisp and classic analog accent notes.  A sort of chugging sub bass evolves to an ancient talking drum tonality.  There’s a lot of interplay with lush and filtered tapestries here.  The drums play catchup the whole way through and really create a sense of motion.

The title track, “Mess Around”, is a genuine cacophony of styles and instrumentation.  The effect is just cluttered enough to create a sense of disorientation, but not so muddles as to lose its purpose.  There’s a way back sort of feel to the style of breaks that informs the backdrop to this tune. (She said)

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