Make it Easy

KICKS! (AND NOT KICKS) makes their debut with F-CLASS and the two track release, “Make it Easy”. Indicative to the name, K.A.N.K. likes to work with the spaces in between. “Make it Easy” and “Familiar Sensation” both play a lot with silences and with starts spaces and gaps in filed-in frequency ranges.

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“Familiar Sensation” juxtaposes cold and stark arp melodies against sliding and warm bass lines. A bright and dawning pad introduces the track while crisp and cooled arp lines guide the listener into position through distant and crying countermelodies. The “break” in this song is less break-like and more of an immersive experience – a mid tone melody shares half its register with a rolling sub line and the two weave a syrupy and hugging sort of tapestry.

“Make it Easy” is submarine. This track starts at about twenty feet deep and takes you to Jutes Verne range with a quickness. An inhuman voice rises out of the deep and preludes the sub line’s tentacles taking you straight to the bottom. The track sits somewhere between stompy and future-lounge. You could serve it up for breakfast at 7p, or dessert at 2a. Look out for more from KICKS! (AND NOT KICKS) in 2018.

©2018, F-Class Music
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