Like Summer

Eggs & Bacon bring their compressed and sub-driven approach to their third F-CLASS release. House music is an art of pushing things close to the edge and containing them. “Like Summer” accomplishes this in spades. Both selections on this single feel as if they’re about to lose containment. Summer in the city can be a pressure cooker and these two tracks fit the menu.

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“Ground Fresh” is a late night creeper. A haunting pluck tone is made for after midnight vibes. A sort of percolating feel establishes the theme and prepares the listener for a stretched canvass baseline that dominates the track after the drop.

The title track, “Like Summer” is built for sunsets and patios. A filtered and smudged mallet gives way to a classic arp synth, while the pads and vocals wash over like a refreshing beverage. High energy, yet vibe and a little intoxicated, “Like Summer” is a perfect late afternoon / early evening party starter.

©2018, F-Class Music
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