Let it Rock

Blurt & Early hung the beat out there on their new “Let it Rock” single for F-CLASS. Two distinct displays of heavy syncopation, minimal soundscapes, and eerie environments chalk out the essentials of tech house on this latest for F-CLASS late summer, 2018.

Creeping synths and drums that ooze tension wind up towards a heavy and heady bass line on “All Fucked Up”, the first track off of the “All Fucked Up” single. A carnivalesque atmosphere is slowly revealed as the various elements churn and wash through each other.

Rolling, almost tribal, drums open the track up almost immediately, as a syncopated clave sits over the mix, trying to nudge the listener along and into the shuffling swing that makes one “Let it Rock”. This title track is seductive, with a patience about the payoff that’s perfect for mid-set dance floors.

©2018, F-Class Music