Keep on Lifting

Lumps & Bumps is back with another run at their distinct topographical mapping of music on the “Keep on Lifting” single. This two track single is a stripped down and funky play at the core of tech house feels. This is a great tide me over, but keep looking out for more from Lumps & Bumps later in 2018!

Relentless and pressure-driven is a good way to describe “Drop & Shake” the first track off of the “Keep on Lifting” single. Plucky and syncopated synth lines play in and out of one another with a ripsaw, neck-snapping intensity that is only accentuated by the driving ride cymbal and classic *blap of the bottom drums.

Sticky like molasses is how “Keep on Lifting” hits the listener. Plodding and plotting organs creep up from a swaying and undeniable sub bass line. Stripped back arrangements really accentuate a building and layered interplay with a a vocal sample that will definitely make you “feel so high”.

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