Idiot Proof

Blurt & Early bring a cut and paste house style with no pretense to the F-Class roster – no outlandish interludes, no trickery with the vocal samples, just layered grooves and identifiable basslines. Blurt & Early present certain lo-fi feel about their productions that really matches their direct approach to house music on this EP. These two tracks make for good early set selections – established grooves with a relentless chug that helps to set the mood moving forward.

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Idiot Proof – Almost B-More on the production side of things, this house-chugger presents a rolling bassline alongside a straight ahead house beat with just the slightest lilt and swing. This combination of aesthetic really pushes the listener along with urgency.

House a MFer – In the words of one of the artists, “this song is relentless”. The vocal sample comes early and stays long, providing a persistent anchor to the listener and leaving no mystery about what is Blurt & Early’s goal; to house a motherf**cker.

Available December 8, 2017
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