How Much Freak You Got

“How Much Freak You Got”? (A f**king lot) says Blurt & Early, the creepy geeks of F-CLASS. This two track single will warm up the dance floors as Fall 2018 and the inevitable weather change are upon the northern hemisphere.

“Get You” is a herkey jerky bounce that sounds like it stopped off in a 70s cop show to pick up the musical themes. Rolling percussion with a tumult bass line will get butts moving, while airy pads, space pads, and a disco vocal sample will make the dance floor swoon.

The title track starts off with haunting twilight pads that creep into an early morning dew drop string line. A liftoff sensation resonates as the vocal nugget asks the obvious question: “How Much Freak You Got?” When the time comes, the track rears back and let’s loose a howling lead bass synth that is as dirty as the rest of the track is pristine.

©2018, F-Class Music