Get Away

AnEtTu brought the traveling music on their latest single, “Get Away”. Both tracks evoke foreign environments, one terrestrial and one straight from outer space. AnEtTu continue their deep house movement with both “Get Away” and “Spiral Staircase”.

The first track, “Spiral Staircase”, sounds like it came from an alien environment. Strange and etherial arpeggiation rolls into a tubular lead that sounds like it’s emitting from near the center of a distant quasar. There’s a sideways motion to the drums in this track that create an intriguing sort of shuffle.

The title track, “Get Away”, is a more down to earth excursion; this one feels like airplanes not spaceships. Subtle instrumentation centers around a third stream and orchestrated feel. Light strings give way to an approachable bass line that still carries the weight of a 777 fuselage.

©2018 F-Class Music

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