Frozen in Time

Lumps & Bumps *borrowed a TARDIS and ended up “Frozen in Time”. Luckily, a passing time lord let them hitch a ride and returned this release for F-CLASS. Future classicist, sexy and thumpy, this single sets moods.

Stride pianos on organs, on slaps and on claps; “Said to Me” lives somewhere between the whiskey bar and church. A walking and layered sub x organ line glues this track to the pavement in between its two natural habitats and a simple vocal sample cements a neighborhood feel.

“Frozen in Time” got itself stuck somewhere in the distant future and brought back a sampling of the colloquial funk music. A dirty “TB” bass line rolls blunts on top of a matte of pads and highly trafficked environments, while piercing orchestral synths stab through everything and command attention; all surrounded an odd and mildly ominous vocal cadence.

©2018, F-Class Music