Free Past

PF Clangs brings their distinct brand of dark techno x tech house feel to F-Class Music on their debut release, “Free Past”. Their sound is cacophonous, but with a restraint about the instrumentation that keeps things focused and driven. Stamped with a classic and perennial house sound, PF Clangs is just getting started; you’ll hear more of their egg drop soup in 2018.

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“Bounce Back” is probably the more subdued of the three tracks on the “Free Past” EP. Distant and reverberating melodies help to preserve an airiness about the track, while a syncopated sub bass and percussion persist in keeping steady motion to the song. Gradually building in intensity, this song has a reserved feel that maintains its energy throughout.

Relentless is probably the best way to describe “Angry La Sha”, the second track on the “Free Past” EP. This song is intentionally minimal in construction, but quite the opposite in delivery. There is a distinct lack of snare in the drum tracking for this tune, which intensifies and accentuates the driving nature of the rest of the drums. A meditative vocal line anchors the track and invites the listener to an almost trance like state.

“Free Past”, the title track of this EP is moderately aggressive, but balanced by a certain atmospheric relaxation about the aesthetic. A hard and blurting primary bass line sits against a syncopated sub line, creating a watery and worming sort of cross talk between the two. “Free Past” carries several contradictory elements that come together in a surprisingly smoothed over (and dance friendly) presentation.

Available December 29, 2017
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