FR3SH H311 delivers a couple of tunes that are fully turned-up-for-turn-down-service on the “Deeply” release. Dark and ruminating themes meet nostalgic appreciation for a rooted feel in progressive, deep house. F-Class feels like FR3SH H311 brought the “class” part of the equation on this Deeply release.

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Wholly Stunted is a deep house cut that makes you want to sit down at that park Jill Scott was always talking about and smoke a fat joint. This track is a buffet plate of nostalgia. Third stream and disco strings softly support an electric piano that coulda found its way off of Bitches Brew or your favorite Marvin tune. We don’t know where FR3SH H311 found that one, we just know it makes us want to stay wholly stunted in that special time and place.

The title track for the Deeply single pretty much requires a snorkel for safe and approved listening. This production is a dub on dub on dub. A host of instruments are always filtering and weaving their way in and out of one another; Layered delays throw the syncopation in different directions over different movements of the track; High-pass effects create the sort of subtlety a track like this requires. Deeply lives up to its name with this first offering from FR3SH H311.

Available January 12, 2018
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