Cuz of You

Little Furry Teeth return to the F-CLASS release schedule with the techno x house offering, “Cuz of You”. Both tracks on this single have an esoteric but classic sound design – one reminiscent and stark, and one filled with acid overtones. “Cuz of You” is the sort of record that transitions well into summer. These are the sorts of house tracks that build that sweat on your brow just through being.

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“Threes Come in Things” is a classic acid groover. An almost indistinguishable vocal track grabs the synth bass line and wedges its way through dark melodies and subtle environments. A frenetic bass line squares up the track and gives the listener a sense that they’re surfing a wave of earth.

“Cuz of You” is almost the opposite of “Threes Come in Things”; an atmospheric and environmentally driven tune with a definitively techno feel. A timeless vocal sample anchors a minimal arrangement. Layers of additional percussion slowly work their way into the score in an unhurried and persistent slog. Together, both tracks have a pressure about them that is unmistakably Little Furry Teeth.

©2018, F-Class Music
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