Come Pressure

Light and airy, crispy and thick-cut, distinct but versatile with other ingredients… all good descriptions of Eggs and Bacon’s first release for F-Class Music, the “Come Pressure” EP. Syncopation is the name of the game for Eggs and Bacon; whether rolling three over four triplets, turning 4/4 into 6/8, or staccato 80s-style arp lines. This EP highlights a percussive conversation throughout.

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“Come Pressure” is fitting title for the lead off track on this EP. The lead line is side-chained to oblivion and back – ducking to complete silence on the one and constantly playing catch up off of the kick drum. There’s a bit of a three over four feel to this song which lends it a bit of a galloping stride. Combine that with very forward and present hand percussion, and even the most stodgy listener will have a hard time sitting still for Come Pressure.

Eggs and Bacon love to play with layered time signatures and this shows in “Just a Dance” more than probably any other song in their repertoire. This is more than hinting at a three, this song pushes right past, turning everything into a rolling 6/8 soup. If your playlist needs that eclectic aside, a slight left turn to reset the mood, Just a Dance will meet your needs nicely.

“Winter Falls” is the more straight forward cut on the “Come Pressure” EP. Syncopation is still emphasized with “Winter Falls”, but the approach is more of a nod to early-80s Juno and TB bass line production – kicks and not-kicks playing in space. There is a strong and relatable vocal lead on “Winter Falls” that helps give Eggs and Bacon a refined and pop sensibility on their first release for F-Class Music.

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