Be Free

These rogue dog walkers always make it deep and this latest from Dog Park Vigilantes, “Be Free”, keeps the belly rubs flowing. F-CLASS is proud to present this two track single in all it’s subterranean glory. Close your eyes, and let these tracks wash over you.

“LOAM” nourishes and replenishes, it creates a fertile growing environment for new creations. This track is the loam from which DPV’s sound has grown; a sensual and deep melange of instrumentation set against a timeless and evocative vocal chorus.

Dreamy and distant room noise accentuates lush and brushed pads on the title track “Be Free”. An electric piano anchors the listener in a cinematic landscape while tapestries of novel ambient sounds gives the track a sense of geographic movement. “Don’t you wanna be free?”

©2018, F-Class Music