Barrel Roll

KICKS! (AND NOT KICKS) return with a hybrid sound; at once ballsy and loud, while restrained and a bit muted. The “Barrel Roll” single is a two track offering ripe for late 2018. The title track and “The Answer” come together with the right amount of grit with a matured attitude.

“The Answer” shuffles its way into a deep and droning square wave synth, and invites the listener, “just close your eyes and let the grooves flow through.” Swinging hats syncopate against a very 80s arp and pad reminiscent of later Genesis and earlier Peter Gabriel while a definitive staccato and deep funk carries the tune.

“Barrel Roll” is a frenetic title track. The hi hats set the pace with an uptempo, almost two-step swagger. Hollow pipe percussion synths bounce back and forth with a rolling sub synth line that glides in and out of phase as well as notes. An off kilter swing pushes listeners along and creates a pocket all its own for the dance floor.

©2018, F-Class Music