A’yah Bounce

Frank & Fred stride the line between big room and tech feels with a practiced ease. A’yah Bounce, their debut EP on F-Class Music, offers the smoothed over sound design familiar to tech house with a feel and instrumentation that is definitively more peak hour. Frank & Fred’s “A’yah Bounce” anchors unexpected break points in a classic hook for a refreshing take on dance floor basics. ANtianTI is a floor burner wrapped in a warmed up package. Jagged bass lines with some pop sensibility give way to rolled off tonality and airy pads. Warm beach meets cool breeze on this Frank & Fred original. Shunt is the dance floor friendly tune on the EP. Heavy percussion and strong layered bass lines present a decidedly classic house sound in a modern 2017 package.

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Available November 21
© 2017, F-Class Music