Are You Gonna Rock

Lumps & Bumps spiked the punch with their latest two track release, “Are You Gonna Rock”. The is definitely the most party track that F-CLASS has released. The title track and the “Love Tech Remix” both employ an intensity that is a step above most tech house tunes.

“Are You Gonna Rock” uses a polyrhythmic and siren call synth to maximum effect against a sloppy and layered sub line that slaps the other side of the beat into place. The combined effect is a rolling boulder sensation for listeners; this track bulldozes through floors.

Chirpy hats and cut off drum sounds set the theme on the aptly named “Are You Gonna Rock (Love Tech Remix”). Muted, staccato, and carnivalesque keys create a subtle lane for the same slap back bass line as the original. Octal layers work together to create a pleasant sort of mush out of the soundscape.

©2018, F-Class Music