A Light Fuzz

Sometimes dichotomies meet in an unlikely harmony of tastes.

Ahn Lilt plays with a special hybrid sound in house music.  Haunting and organic instrumentation is paired against blaring and overdriven synths.  Both “Eager” and “A Light Fuzz” come together around a purposeful juxtaposition.

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Energy.  That’s the starting point appeal of “Eager”.  Although the track breaks into a sort of classic electro dirt and grit about the synth line, it’s really in the two-way syncopation that this song finds its name.  Upbeat swing in the high mids plays against galloping kicks.  The phrasing seems to roll around itself in a pleasantly disorienting manner.

“A Light Fuzz”… is it the airy and distant piano, the heavily filtered sub, or the film like presence that lingers over the entire song?  Probably little of all of them, but “fuzz” is precisely the sensation evoked on the title track for Ahn Lilt’s second release for the F-Class Imprint.  A jackin beat is offset by a tsunami of sub synth with a sort of noir piano setting the mood.

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