About Giving

Dog Park Vigilantes are the old men on the F-Class roster. They call themselves grandpas in a scene they’ve been immersed in for almost two decades. Their experience shows, though. There’s a sort of refinement about their sound, as well as a willingness to buck a trend or two in favor of a more classic and self-styled aesthetic.

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Dog Park Vigilantes bring us a serene darkness with a compounding energy on About Giving. The driving sub synth growls at the listener without ever really barking at full intensity. There’s a sort of reserved intensity in the way the vocal line shines out over an abundance of filtered elements through the rest of the tune. The track is cohesive, but delivers a sort of dichotomy of sound that is intriguing.

Rigged is about distance. This is about as downtempo a track as we’re likely to see from F-Class in the foreseeable future. The melody is charming. The progressions are uplifting. But, the overall delivery is decidedly turned down by our standards. We like it that way; something for your rainy Sunday morning.

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